Sick baby

What a rough few days. The Princess caught a stomach bug and has been sick since Thursday night. There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your child so sick and know that you just can’t make it better. She started off vomiting Thurs and continued into the night. At 4 am I went in to comfort her and ended up sleeping on her bedroom floor next to her bed. She just laid around all day Friday. we missed her very first school party. I know she doesn’t know that, but I do, and I was so disappointed for her. She was going to be such an adorable little Chef!

Last night she seemed a tiny bit better, but moved from the vomiting to the disgusting diapers. I’ll spare you details, but let me just say its disgusting. She woke up at 4 am again (seems to be her favorite time of the day) and just did not want to go back to sleep. So I finally turned on her tv, made us both a pallet on the floor and she finally laid down to sleep again at 5 am, on the floor next to me. So a second night of sleeping on the floor in her room.

Today I took her out to the mall for the festival they were having-not toddler friendly for sure. The rest of our day consisted of Walmart, lunch with Gramma and playing with her new shopping cart which she loved.

Its now almost 7 pm, the Rangers are on, the house is peaceful, and I’m hoping to sleep in my own bed all night tonight!

Perhaps I should invest in an air mattress….or a bed lower to the ground.



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