So close to Christmas!!

I can’t believe Christmas is just next week! I’m super excited that it will be at MY house this year!! Yay! I can’t wait for Princess to wake up, run to the living room, and completely ignore her gifts 🙂 Well, I’m hoping its more exciting than that but we will see!

Everyone is coming to my house this year, so we can celebrate Princess’s first Christmas that she might actually know what is going on. She’s been LOVING all the decorations around the house, and has loved the lights in The Village as we driving through. We haven’t been to see Santa yet, so I’m not sure how that will go over. Hopefully I can take her this weekend to go see him!

I really feel the magic of Christmas, having it to share with my little princess. Makes me really appreciate this time even more!

But I would like the freakish weather to make up its mind!


About to hang her Baby’s 1st Christmas ornament


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