Am I crispy or crunchy?

Have you heard the term ‘crunchy momma’? It refers to those ‘hippie-like moms’ who make their own baby food, babywear and use cloth diapers. Now, if you know me then you KNOW I can’t make regular food, let alone baby food. I bought one of those Baby Bjorn (the devil) things for Princess and put her in it once. And cloth diapers-me? Seriously? I still have no interest in the making baby food part, however, I wish more than anything I had learned about baby wearing when she was an infant. True baby wearing-using a moby wrap or something similar. The ‘crotch danglers’ as my friends like to call them are very bad for your baby. Think about this-would you want some hard material holding you up from your sensitive area like that? I think the idea of true baby wearing is wonderful and beneficial and seriously freaking genius. You get to snuggle baby close to your heart and your hands are free to actually do something! Sweet!

Cloth diapers=love. I love putting something fresh, clean, and soft against her delicate skin. Not full of chemicals and rough. The diaper laundry isn’t even that bad and if you aren’t swayed by the super adorable prints you can get then I don’t know what else would convince you!

I guess I’m crispy-I’m trying anyway. I’m going to try to get some more crispness to me here in the next few months, not just with her but myself-organic, clean, healthy. That’s my goal.

And just for fun my crispy princess sporting her care bear cloth from Summer Sky Bamboo



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