The New Life-Day 1

Day: 1
Feeling: Not so great, felt ‘heavy’ and was out of breath a lot. Lots of breaks during the workout to catch my breath

Ok, sooooo today was sort of my ‘new start’. At work we are paying a portion for the employees to participate in Camp Gladiator-a top ranked Fitness boot camp. Today was my 1st day. I really want to lose some weight and get healthier so I can enjoy time with Princess more-I need more energy, less stress, um better lung capacity (this kid is fast). So in addition to the workouts I’m trying to change my eating habits. So I’m going to try to blog on the days that I workout (every day if I can actually find time, but doubtful) with my workout experience and what I ate. Yeah yeah yeah, boring I know. Well, then don’t read it 😉

So todays food intake:
Bfast-Fiber One Coconut Caramel Fudge Bar (seriously tastes like a Samoa girl scout cookie-really)
1 cup iced coffee (no sugar, just about a tablespoon of vanilla creamer)
Snack-handful of Fruit Cheerios-yes cheerios, not fruit loops!
Lunch-tuna & chicken salads with fresh fruit with poppy seed dressing (Dream Cafe is sooo yummy)
Dinner-a grilled chicken wrap from McDonalds
Oh, and you don’t need to critique my food-I’m not ‘tracking’ my food, I’m just slowly making better choices for myself. So please no “oh well you know that wrap has blah blah calories and poppy seed dressing is full of sugar blah blah.”

My first workout at Camp Gladiator was great. It was HARD. Like, seriously hard, but the trainers are great and are checking on you, fixing form, giving suggestions. But its more timed workouts-not ‘sets’ really so you aren’t trying to keep up with anyone else-just pushing yourself. Everyone was so awesome, and I could hear lots of ‘Good job so-and-so’ and we were encouraged to tell fellow gladiators ‘great job’ after each section. Lots of high-fives. I seriously dug it. Some of our exercises included:
Burpees (devil-this should be punishment for people who break laws)
High Knees
Quick Feet
A couple of laps and other stuff I think I’ve blocked out right now. Lets just say if my legs don’t run off without me in the middle of the night they must not hate me as much as I hate them right now.

So I’m working hard on the outer appearance right now. I’ve also decided to CUT MY HAIR. Short. Ish. So like just at my shoulders probably-bangs again and some layers. I’ve also finally decided to start lightening it again. So I’ll hopefully be the sexy beach bunny I once was when we go to florida in 2 months.

Ok, weeeeeeell I think thats it for today. Looking forward to not being able to walk (move, breath, pick up things) tomorrow!



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