A new interest….

So I’ve been trying to stay motivated for my workout, and for developing better eating habits. And it got me thinking-I researched becoming a personal trainer years ago when i was trying to decide what I wanted to ‘do’ with my life. I’ve always enjoyed motivating and coaching people. I thought being a trainer was an excellent idea-I get to boss people around and help them change their lives for the better-perfect job right? In addition, I get to keep myself trim and healthy. Well, of course getting a job with Budweiser way outweighed that idea.

But doing research on healthy habits and working out for work got me very interested in the eating side of health. So my mind is running along the path of maybe getting a Fitness Nutrition certification. I can get one for $300 through a highly accredited organization. The most important part is learning it for MYSELF , but the other side of it is that makes a really great side career-developing healthy eating plans, maybe writing a book, perhaps using the knowledge to help work towards better nutrition in schools (that’s actually my real idea lately-helping convince school districts to serve BETTER healthy and cost effective meals, my kid will be eating that one day soon). And it would be nice to be certified in something again, to have something to fall back on just in case.

So I’m still researching, the new me doesn’t want to just spend $300 on something until I’m sure I would make some sort of use of it.


2 thoughts on “A new interest….

  1. There's a million reasons not to do something. I think you'd be great. Its hard to take that first step but I liken it to working out. I hate getting on the machine but am so glad I did!



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