A mini breakthrough at Camp Gladiator!

Day: 3
Feelings:A little dizzy, had to do a modified exercise, but felt better than last time!

So lets try it this way-Food:
Bfast-Oatmeal, 1.25 cups of iced coffee
Snack-Fiber One bar
Lunch-Salmon, converted rice, broccoli & tea (My Fit Foods)
Snack-3 cubes jack cheese, 2 apple slices, almonds, dried cranberries (My Fit Foods)
Dinner-Peanut butter & strawberry jello on honey whole wheat & 6 oz. chocolate milk (supposedly it helps rebuild muscles right after a workout)

So today I finally went to My Fit Foods http://www.myfitfoods.com Pretty great concept-they cook the meals, stock them up, you come buy and eat. Easy. All the carbs/proteins/fats are counted for you. They are freshly prepared around the clock and contain gluten-free, hormone free, converted, and clean foods. I absolutely loved it. They have a 21 Day Challenge where you basically detox, and you can lose 8-15 lbs on it. Pretty good huh. I’m meeting with a nutritionist tomorrow to learn more about the Challenge.

Todays workout was awesome. We played Freeze Tag. So fun. Then our workouts which was along the lines of a partner workout, where one person did arm rows the other did pushups, then we did some overhead presses, and more rows along with this weird up/down leg thing.
My achievements from the day-I ran both laps we did without stopping, and wasn’t last or even very close to last. We also did a plank as our cooldown-60 seconds and they wanted you to do front, side, side however often you wanted to alternate. I only dropped my knees for a split second and even managed to do both sides without dropping. I’m pretty proud of myself. I even kept moving in Freeze Tag and even tried to avoid being ‘frozen’.

So day 3 of the workout has been a success. I even managed to get a couple of walks with Molly in over the last 4 days. I’m pretty proud of myself!



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