A Great Week

Well, I’ve had a full week of the 21 Day Challenge. Today completes Day 10, so only 11 days to go! I had a major craving at lunch time yesterday-I seriously wanted some pizza. I don’t usually like pizza all that much, I want it maybe once a month, but thats pretty much it. Yesterday I would have paid any price in the world to have some. But I stayed strong, I ate my Ginger Chicken happily. I’ve really enjoyed all the food so far. Its a lot of chicken, I will say that. But each meal has been flavorful, filling, and more than enough food for me.

I’ve just finished Week 3 of Camp Gladiator. Only ONE week left, and I’m really sad about that, however, I’m for sure signing up for the next 3 rounds at least!! I had lunch with 2 of my favorite trainers today to discuss sponsorship of the upcoming Gladiator Games, and I loved just talking to them about the camp. I feel so empowered, passionate, and EXCITED to go, and it never feels like I HAVE to be there-I WANT to be there. And I’ve become such a CG nerd so it was so nice to be able to talk to other people who were as passionately obsessive about it as I’ve become! 🙂 Brooke is ready to work on her fitness certification too, so I have a study buddy to work with! Yay!

I finally found a dance class for Molly! She will begin Pre-Ballet at a studio here in Dallas this Saturday. I’ll admit, I’m super excited to take her to get fitted for her first ballet shoes-yes, I’m seriously a nerd, Im so cheezy over things other people wouldn’t even care about. But even better about the dance class, is that while she is twirling and being a little twinkle toes, mommy gets to take ZUMBA!!! I’ve missed dance so much and I’m so excited that while Molly is getting some exercise and socialization I’ll be doing something I love too-back dancing and getting in shape.

I’m so ready for July to get here so we can MOVE! I’ve pretty much decided that I need to rent a HOUSE. I’m so sick of loud noisy neighbors, and I desperately want a yard for M to play in. I’m picturing pretty flowers, a little garden maybe, a sprinkler for M to run through and a small swing set for her to play. I’m also imagining a beautiful Christmas in a nice big house surrounded by family, and some kid-friendly bbqs or get-togethers. The exact area is still being narrowed down, but it will be towards the Coppell/Lewisville/Flower Mound/Valley Ranch area.

Hm, I think thats about it as far as fun news…..


2 thoughts on “A Great Week

  1. good for you staying strong. that's the hardest part is the temptation. uggg! when will they start another one? sad its almost over! I know you're loving it. And I've wanted to try zumba forever but the 24hour fitness here only has it at like 11 a.m. tue & thur…yea…can't make that


  2. Start the next what? Camp Gladiator? It starts on April 25. It goes 4 weeks on/1 week off. The 21 day challenge you can start at anytime. Did you check other 24 hour fitness in your area? I thought the one on Main in Lewisville had a Saturday one. Yeah lucky for me the dance studio does zumba at the same time as m's ballet. I think they designed it that way on purpose, and I sure am glad!



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