So yesterday was M’s very first Pre-Ballet class. They dont let parents in the room so as to not distract the kids. She had 4 little ballerinas in her class. She made a new friend, Maizy, an almost 3 year old little girl. Molly looked just adorable in her leotard, tights and her little ballet slippers

While she was twirling in class, mommy was taking her first Zumba class. Now THAT is a workout! I shook, sweat, and panted my way through an hour of rumba, salsa, booty shaking and jumping. It was a really great class. 
When class was over her teacher told me she did a great job, she paid attention, and had fun. She said she was impressed she did so well for her first class. i really wish I could watch, but I understand. I opened the door once to let Maizy back in after she went to the restroom and Molly saw me and wanted to come out. She got a sticker and a sucker after class, and as we were walking to the car she was saying ‘i dance momma!’. Once we got in the car she pointed back outside and said ‘Dance momma, lets go!’ and as we were driving off she kept yelling ‘I daaaance momma!’. So I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it. Looks like this will be a well spent $65!!! I can’t wait for her next class on Saturday!!



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