Doctor booooo!

Well it seems every time I THINK I’m getting ahead, something has to knock me back a couple of steps dang it. I had my appointment with the orthopedic doc today, and I have Posterior Tibial Tendinitis. And Now I get to drag this along for the next 4 weeks…

Yep, a boot. By the way, its hard as hell to drive in that damn thing!! Anyway… 4 weeks of no impact and immobilizing it to see if the tendon can heal. It could be worse, it could be a real cast or I could need surgery which are the other options. hopefully this helps and I’ll be back in action. 
This is the off week for CG, but a new camp starts next week, but I CANT GO. See above picture for reason why. I’m so frustrated. I’m still struggling to physically see the difference since the scale doesn’t say anything, however, I’m used to seeing me-I don’t think I look any different. But I do FEEL different and I know thats what really matters. I’ve been sleeping (when she actually sleeps through the night) really great, I feel good, so I know the workouts and the 21 Day Challenge have helped that. Tomorrow is my LAST day of the challenge! Woo hoo!! I’ve really enjoyed the great food, however I am looking forward to making my own choices again. I think I can keep myself in control and still stay away from the fast food, the sodas, etc. 
I got an email right as I was leaving work today that NESTA is offering a corporate wellness certification. I have something I need to go research now, since i was JUST looking at other corporate wellness programs…..sometimes things really DO seem to fall in place I suppose…..


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