Hello summer!

I swear Texas weather makes me crazy. We had what, 5 days of nice spring weather, now its muggy and 90s every.single.day. BLAH.

Anyway…..I’m so glad its May at least. Mothers Day was uneventful and downright boring. Just like any other day in my life. This weekend is my mommys birthday. I *think* we are going to the zoo. I LOVE taking M to the zoo! Especially now that she knows so many more animals, its just a lot more fun.

I’m so ready to be back at Camp Gladiator. Not working out is literally killing me. I miss my trainers, I miss the feeling of accomplishment, I miss the way I feel just in general. I’m so freakin crabby now. Like Elle Woods said “Exercise gives you endorphines, endorphines make you happy”. So very true. 6 days and the boot comes off, and you bet I will be at CG at 6:15 on Monday!!! CG WUT WUT! I’m still wanting to work on my nutrition cert, but I’m trying to save up for the move.

I’m actually starting to hate home/apartment hunting. I’m stressing about finding something. I really really really don’t want to live in an apartment again. really really really don’t. But finding one available in July (or August if my mom changes plans) is what i’m worried about. Ive found 4 that I’d move into TOMORROW, but houses are generally an ‘immediate move in’ sort of thing. I love looking at all these beautiful spacious interiors, and I want a yard so badly for Molly to play in. She doesnt get alot of outdoor time right now, and its beginning to cause her to be a little hyper in the afternoons! Lucky me LOL.

I’m hopeful that in July the perfect house will open up. One in my price range, with a big open back yard, bright and beautiful kitchen and a sunny airy bedroom for my little princess!!!



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