Back on TRACK!!!

So today was my first day back at Camp Gladiator!! Its really freakin HOT at 6:30 pm on June 1st in Texas. Holy cow I thought I would pass out. It was so great though to be back at workout. I got some weird news right before the workout that should have made me cry, feel depressed, but I didnt cry-I guess I basically just pushed it back and thought “I’ll deal later”. Well, its almost 5 hours later and its still just sitting in the back of my mind. Some unsettling thoughts are popping up but still-pushing them back. I’ll deal with it later.

Surprisingly I came home and had a very nice goofy night with my little princess. Did the baby bop hop, some silly dancing. Working out really DOES boost your mood. Even in the midst of the most depressing news I could probably hear I was still happy and upbeat and goofy with my sweet baby girl. I just hope she sleeps through the night and we dont have another fit at 2:30 am like last night. I’m so emotionally drained after the weekend of her being in and out of the ER and doc visits, and worried about the move and blah blah. But, I’m going to TRY to put on a positive face, and accept the things
I have no control over, and just focus on the things I CAN control. My own happiness, my own life, my own desires, and the health & happiness of my amazing little girl. 

So back to the workout. I went to My Fit Foods today and got lunches for the rest of the week, I have snacks already so my goal is to drink TONS of water and stay energized by eating the right foods at the right time. I had my first workout after 6 weeks in the boot healing my injury. It was HARD. Tonight Amy did “Choice Night” where we got to choose different workouts. All hard. All very very hard. Especially in 90+ weather outdoors. I thought I was going to have a heat stroke!! I didnt do as well as I had hoped I would, but I didnt totally suck. I may go to a session tomorrow evening, or maybe try on Saturday morning. At the very least i will be back at my regular one on M/W. I even took my measurements this time so I can actually see what I lose. I dont really lose pounds I tone up and build muscles, so its more inches I’m looking for. i really dont even care if i lose pounds. I’m more concerend with how I look and feel.

So back to the workout grind. Time to FINALLY get it in shape! CG WUT WUT!!


2 thoughts on “Back on TRACK!!!

  1. I'm glad you're finally able to work out again! i know you missed it. and this weather…jeez….its the only thing that gets me up at 4:30 every morning…just thinking that if I don't go at 5 AM i have to go at 5 PM!!! aaaagggghhh!!!!!



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