So close…..

So in 1 week I will be done packing, cleaning my old apartment, and getting ready for the new apartment! I’m so ready to be out of this place. The lights in my kitchen have gone out AGAIN, the parking is horrible suddenly-i guess we had new people move in that I never noticed? And tonight there have been at least 5 cops roaming around my building, they even knocked on my door but I didnt get to it in time. So apparently SOMETHING scary has been going on. I’m just ready to GO. This place creeps me out just being here. I’m looking forward to being on my nice safe 3rd story! We went and looked at the apartment-its so nice, bright and airy. The kitchen is so gorgeous and I just cant wait!!! I’m also going to give M a ‘big girl’ room. All the princess stuff is gone, and we will have a new twin sleigh bed or daybed, and a fun nature theme-owls, birds, trees, butterflies. All purples, greens, yellows and just a little bit of pink! I’m just excited. Ready to be out of here.

So last night was one of the HARDEST Camp Gladiator workouts EVER. It was actually auditions. CG is recruiting trainers for new areas and there were 22 wanna-be CG trainers out to show the Contenders thier stuff! It was so awesome to have ALL the current trainers in the DFW area out and get to finally meet some of these awesome people who are motivating and supporting me from afar. We started out with a light jog around the park, then some drills-high knees, butt kicks, shuffles etc. We then did a hardcore ‘Popsicle Workout’ as teams. Ab blasters, burpees, frog jumps, sprints. Next some Extreme Football for the mighty and abs and stretches for the ones ready for a break (like me). The auditioning trainers each got 3-5 minutes to show us thier own workout, show us how they motivate and let us ‘rate’ them. I didnt get to stay for that part (hungry baby girl at home!) but I hear it went well and we have several trainers heading to Austin for Academy!! I’m excited for the new trainers!! I AM sad that I will only have 1 day with my awesome trainers that I’ve worked with for 8 weeks. I’ll be starting at a new morning camp that is literally right behind my new apartment. I’ll be working out with the oh-so-awesome David and I think it will be great. I’m looking forward to doing morning workouts as opposed to afternoons. It will be cooler, I’ll be wide awake and ready for the day when I show up to work, and well i will get it over with first thing in the morning! I haven’t lost any pounds yet, but I have lost inches and I care more about that than anything else. I’ll probably post more specific measurements after one more round. We’ll see. I’m hoping after the move I can get back focused on working on my nutrition certification. With so much going on I just havent had time.

One more week and it will all be different….I’ve said that in the past, but I’m MAKING IT TRUE this time!!!



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