Finally found my calling

I love fitness. I love eating healthy. I love knowing that staying fit and healthy are something that I can pass on to my daughter and share with the rest of the world. So I’ve started looking into teaching yoga, zumba, or some sort of group exercise classes. This will give me the opportunity to share 2 of my loves-fitness and teaching. And if I can teach Zumba then I can get part of my past dream in there too-teaching dance.

So my first goal is to lose weight and get 100% healthy. I’ve got a GREAT start with my eating and my fitness program. But I’m upping it starting Monday. I’ll be *hopefully* going to Camp Gladiator 3x a week at 5:30 am. I’m also going to try to do 1x yoga, 1x dance, and maybe 1x other class like spin or a weight class. I actually enjoy working out. I love how I feel after i complete a workout. Exhausted and sweaty but the feeling of accomplishment I have afterwards is worth it. I even enjoy the sore feeling the next couple of days because it just reminds me of how I pushed myself. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and motivating other people. When I started college it was to be a dance teacher. I always wanted to direct a high school dance team. Now, teaching Zumba wouldnt be QUITE like that, but its a great thing to do-it would be fun for me and keep me in the shape I want to be in.

So my hope is that by my birthday (October) I’ll have lost the majority of the weight I want to lose, and by the new year I’ll be working towards some sort of training to teach a class-zumba or yoga most likely. I’m ready for next week to get here, ready to start sweating it out and getting on to being a new me!!


One thought on “Finally found my calling

  1. Wow that sounds like a great goal and like it would be something you would really enjoy!! I think you will be great as a fitness instructor! I love getting to read your blogs as I can relate in so many ways. Not only am I single mom but I also love running/fitness and love the idea of passing those kind of good habits to my daughter. I have put my running/fitness on the back burner due to my schooling but I'm hoping to find a better way to juggle both. Good luck and I cant wait to hear more about your adventure! 🙂



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