How has CG changed my life….

Last day of  Camp Gladiator was today. I actually made it to 3 full weeks (was very sick the last part of Week 1) of 3x a week for the first time. Even more surprising its been at 5:30 am and only ONCE have I thought ‘man i could go back to sleep for another hour!’. Its been GREAT! My trainer is amazing. Inspiring me to work harder. He is one of those people who are just naturally happy and upbeat, which makes even 5:30 am almost enjoyable, and definitely bearable.  He has made the workouts fun, challenging, and actually not so terrible to go to. The group is smaller than my last group but almost everyone has been nice, encouraging and fun to work out with. We had our camp happy hour last week, the first happy hour I’ve been to since FEBRUARY for a co-workers birthday!! I got to hang out with my trainer and a couple other contenders for a few hours and just had a blast talking about life, football, and CG. Pretty much an ideal night for me-beer, good people, and my favorite topics! This is the off week, and I’m honestly sure I’m going to start having withdrawals from it!!! The good news is, when it starts back up I’ll be going 5 days a week!!! I’ll have more than enough opportunity to get down to where I want to be as far as my BMI and measurements. And speaking off….
I measured in June and have lost the following inches:
Waist-2.0 yep, that would be TWO inches off my waist-hell yeah!
Hips-stayed the same
Thigh-1 inch
Calf-up .25 but its pretty much all solid muscle again.

I used to constantly get compliments on my legs from guys and even from girls from how toned they were. I’d lost that somewhere in the pregnancy, the stress of fighting with the ‘baby daddy’, the drama with Justin and the financial downfall of my entire world (thanks baby-daddy). I missed those compliments on my legs. More than anything I wanted my sexy toned legs back. I remember hearing a story about the guys at an old job standing around staring at me one day that I was up there in shorts walking around and they were all just standing there talking about my legs and I loved that. I want that back.

I started CG in April. I did a round and got injured-Tibial Tendinitis. I was in a boot for 6 weeks. i went back to CG in June and was off in July because of the move to VR. I started back at a different camp in August and was a little nervous about starting with a whole new group of people and a trainer I hadn’t really had lead me in a workout before. I went. I worked. i kicked ASS if I do say so myself!! I think the measurements lost prove that. I’m even going to do Gladiator Games. The ultimate test for myself. I’ve never done anything quite like it before. Although dance camp at A&M was pretty hardcore-2 days of non-stop dancing. On the roof until 2 am practicing, and getting up at 8 am to go compete all day.

CG helped me. It helped inspire me to get back into some old habits. i am focused on getting healthy-eating well, getting back into dance and hopefully teaching dance or yoga in a few months. I’m stretching my body out at night trying to get my dancers flexibility back. I’m taking a few minutes each night before I go to sleep to do what I guess amounts to meditation-deep breathing, quiet thoughts, relaxation. Remember what I’m thankful for and what I want from the next day. All this inspiration and devotion came from 2 women who I am eternally grateful for bringing Camp Gladiator into my life, Carol and Brooke. Thanks to them I have met some inspiring people and some new friends. I’ve had some amazingly positive people enter my life. Its been a long time since I had such positive influences in my life. Its helped lift me up and keep me working towards my goal.

This past week I have felt more like my old self, the former Goddess. (if you know me you know about the background of that nickname). I finally am feeling purely happy, thin, and SEXY again. I used to always feel sexy and confident no matter what-even not being model-thin, but over the last 2 years I’ve lost that confidence in my body. But this week I’ve felt the stirrings of my old self. I actually got HIT ON this week by a random guy, and got the ‘up and down’ look from a guy in a store. Haven’t had that happen in awhile either!! Since I’d been with JK for a year and thought we were going to get married I hadn’t worried about impressing other guys. I was too busy trying to be the ‘perfect’ girlfriend to him and be a new mommy, and deal with all the financial stress that came from being completely unprepared for a child without any help from the father. So the last year since we broke up was spent getting my life back on track-financially, in my home, in my soul and in my heart.

And I finally feel whole again. I feel like I’m ready for wherever my life will take me. I love the new friends I’ve made through CG, I love how I’m looking (getting there) and I love how I feel. I love the passion for fitness that has come back through. I always wanted to be a high school dance teacher and dance for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I love to perform (I’m an attention-lover sadly) Now I dont really have the opportunity to teach at the high school level, but I CAN teach zumba or yoga or something like that. I want to help inspire health and happiness in other people. I want to make people WANT to be healthy. I want my daughter to grow up knowing what the right way of eating and exercising is. I want her to enjoy being physically fit and eating right.  Heck, maybe I can teach zumba or yoga to the CG peeps! Who knows!!

But I’m just happy my life has headed down this path. I’m grateful for what CG has given me-the start and support from Carol & Brooke, the passion for workouts and my real start of body altering from Amy & Mason, the desire to wake up early and get busy that David has instilled in me, and the unconditional support and encouragement from Jonathon, Shane, Kevin, and all the other trainers who post positive things on my wall. And the absolute inspiration of Jessie, Carla and Aubyn. I’m ready for the next round of CG to start up. Have a feeling I’m going to be very antsy the next week needing to hear Davids laugh and his complete joy in torturing us!! I’m even ready fo 5 days a week of CG. I think I’ve become addicted. I’m also ready to get my gym membership so I can start going back to zumba, yoga, and spin maybe. I’m finally inspired and I owe it all to CG.

A new chapter is underway and I can’t wait to see where it leads….


4 thoughts on “How has CG changed my life….

  1. I am so glad you see the goddess that we all know was there to begin with. We all stumble, it is how we get up and dust ourselves off that shows what we are made of. You are showing your daughter great things by your examples and you inspire me all the time. Speaking of addiction, I think I might have that same problem, as I am already planning to boot camp in my boot. Not as hard as before, but I gotta keep the momentum. I am so pleased to have you as a friend and so proud to have you as part of my cg family.


  2. YOU are inspiring my friend! You kept me motivated and encouraged. you pushed me to do 'just one more' and made going to Tietze every day a little less hard. I'm looking forward to doing G.Games with you in October. Take it easy in that boot, but I know what you mean-even if I have to go back into mine I'll STILL be at CG pushing myself. As I told David today when he asked WHY was i running when I hurt, my answer 'I had to see if I could do it'. Always pushing for more. Something I never did before.



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