Birthday planning!

Can’t believe the little princess is about to be THREE years old! I’m heavy into idea mode for the party. We are having it outdoors at a park, and I’m doing a CIRCUS theme!! I figure this is the last year *I* get to decide the theme, so I get to do something fun and creative. So circus it is! I’ve found some great ideas at this mommys blog so I’m excited to get started, some of my ideas so far are

  • face painting
  • games like ring toss
  • a candy buffet
  • cotton candy, taffy, circus peanuts and popcorn

 I mean, what more could a kid want!!

I’m also super excited that some people I havent seen in a very long while while be coming! Some of my ‘old family’ will be there, and I’m really looking foward to reconnecting with them. Its weird to remember that I had this life years and years ago. A whole other family that I spent basically 24/7 with. Then suddenly it was all gone. And a weird horrible loss brought them all back to me again. And when I say ‘all’ I mean alot. Its a big clan. But its nice to know that they are there now. Closer than you think. Ah the wonders of facebook. It can be the best thing in the world, or the worst thing in the world. Depending on who you find, who finds you, who you have to block or who blocks you-although sometimes it also provides some serious amusement when you find out who has blocked you and for what ridiculous reasons. I have had enough of the creeper guys stalking me though. Thats enough of that….but I think I’ll save this for a whoooole ‘nother post!!

Happy Monday my friends!



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