Its ME! Wait….

A NEW ME!!!! So I’ve been working on Camp Gladiator for 10 months now. I’ve lost pounds and inches, and build up some stamina and strength. I’ve also built up some energy. I’ve sort of slacked the last 3 months though. Holidays and busy time at work. And of course this time around I’m having a harder time getting my schedule back on track for 5 am but I’m determined to get back on track. I’m doing 5x a week of CG plus 2 (possibly 3) days of Zumba. I’ve also decided to get my Zumba Instructor License, so after 3 pm on Friday I will be able to start TEACHING zumba!!! I’m just excited that I’m FINALLY reaching a goal I gave myself.

So the fitness part is coming along nicely. To add to it, I’m about to do an Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse to really kick start my body on the road to energy and health!!!

I’ve been updating my makeup collection to make sure my skin is being well taken care of. Cleanse, tone, moisturize are key. I found an amazing new foundation, Cover Girl Tone Rehab. Its incredible. I’ve noticed a difference literally in 3 days. My skin feels soft, and I dont have the ‘blotchy’ look caused by uneven skin tone. Its a little pricey, but so worth it. I’ve also found some great eye make up applications on Pinterest (follow me!!!) along with this incredible mascara Maybelline Falsies  . I’m really trying to focus on the sexy eyes, flawless skin, and pouty kissable-looking mouth (e.l.f. mint gloss helps this!). I finally got my hair cut in a very cute easy to manage style and FINALLY after 4 years got my highlights back!!! Its not very blonde, but I have another appointment next month to go a little bit lighter. I started tanning again also. Not for long, just enough to get some color back and not be completely see-through anymore!

So I started talking to a guy back in December. First guy I’ve been interested in for over a year. It was so nice to have a guy show real interest-a real ‘southern gentleman’ in my opinion. It kind of kicked that ‘oh yeah-I used to be a pretty confident sexy gal back in the day-where did SHE go?’ Well, she is BACK. Getting S.E.X.Y, healthy, fit. And ready to get back to living and enjoying my life. It was hard when Princess was first born. I was so tired, stressed, miserable. Then Jackass and I got back together and instead of helping me he just made me feel even worse about myself. Once he was out of my life I had so much other drama hit me-the car issues, the break-in, the horrible apartment, and everything else that I just stopped caring about anything other than Princess being clean, fed, clothed and happy.

 So finally I feel like I’ve found ME.

The former GODDESS.


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