Hello Spring! Hello Crazy!

Ah spring…the great weather, the cute new clothes, wearing cute strappy high heels and sandals. I love spring. The fresh smells and the RANGERS playing (i’m actually watching them play the Yankees right now)! This spring has been pretty great so far. I’ve spent some fun times with some new/old friends. Hanging in the country getting to know some coworkers better and making some good friendships.

Taking Princess to the park and the zoo. She is becoming such a big big girl! She can count to 20 in spanish, say the pledge of alliegance and says her prayers every night (and snacks for all the kids!). She is becoming this amazingly smart little girl and all her ‘babyness’ is leaving. God it makes me sad. Raising her has been the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life. The lack of sleep, the stress of making all the decisions, the lonliness. Feeling like I will now NEVER find a man because really, what guy wants to date a woman with a kid? There are so many aspects of my life that are so frustrating and feel out of control, but when I listen to Princess sing Stronger or how proud she is after she counts to 20 (yeah in spanish) or when she sits on the floor playing with her My Little Ponies so happy and enthusiastic I don’t think about those things. Especially when she says “I love you momma”. Every bit of stress and sleepless night is worth it.

Spring also brings about (back to the original topic of my post) my usual time to apartment hunt. I’m really REALLY sick of moving. SO OVER IT. But there are aspects of this apartment that I just cant deal with anymore (no parking, and 3 flights of stairs and the NOISY traffic from the highway. The Taco Bueno drive thru echoing in my bedroom sucks too) So its time to move. I’ve seriously been considering moving back to my hometown where I grew up and where my BFFs family lives. it would be so great to just be ‘home’. That is still a debat right now because of the drive. Still not sure I’m ready for an hour drive to/from work every single day. Another fabulous thing about the spring is being able to workout in great weather and the kick it gives you for getting in shape. I’ve been injured, hurt back and shoulder so i’ve had to lay off the Camp Gladiator but I miss it like craaaaaazy. I miss my CG peeps and the amazing feeling I have after a really hard core workout. I’ve got my Zumba license now and am hoping after I get moved I can find a place to teach a class. I havent been since right after I got my license and I’m itching to go back. Being injured SUCKS. Like majorly. I love to dance and move and I hate missing the workouts. I did download an awesome app for running and I’m going to TRY to get into running. I actually made it a full mile on Saturday and ran for almost all of it and didnt die. GO ME. of course i havent been back (wow what a freaking slacker!) but I will be going to run tomorrow and WILL be back at Zumba on Thursday. I’ve also been on track with my supplements and almost back to healthy full time eating. I still need to rework my diet some and am trying hard to get more fruits and veggies in and cut the nasty crap. I’ve been doing pretty good. I’m determined THIS will be my bikini year. i know it. And with Zumba and CAMP GLADIATOR I will be there.

So happy spring my friends



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