Oops, been a little lax on the updating of the blog-sorry friends!! Its been a craaaazzzzzy couple of months. We got moved in July and I super-duper love my cozy lovely happy little home. The Princess is finally starting to act like the precious little angel I know she really is, and we are getting into our routine. SCORE.

I’m also working on getting back into S.C.H.O.O.L. Yep. Decided to jump back in the small pond and try to get an associates at a community college (cc) Ive been accepted to one, and after debating on what to do what to do what to do I finally decided to purse my AAS. Associates in Applied Science. I’m going for something computer related-not exactly sure which exactly-Network Administration, Web Design, programming, etc. but I know that technology is a growing field, we are always getting something new and shiny at work, and why not put my love of internet surfing, people stalking, game playing, obsession of the WWW to a usefull skill? Well why not….I’m going to talk to an advisor sometime this week and set my class schedule. I got financial aid (hey a perk of single-mommyhood) and its a CC so its not like its THAT expensive.

I know its going to suck. Its going to be hard. But really….what else do I have to do after princess goes to bed? Its not like I *actually* sleep anymore. My body hasnt had more than 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep in like 4 years so why start catching up now that princess thinks sleeping in her OWN bed all night is the best thing in the world? She really does-its so cute, when i go wake her for school the first words out of her mouth before her eyes are even open are “i sleep in my own bed aaaall night” God i love this child.

So there we go. Thats my life. Work/live/school. Fun times huh?

From our trip to the Aquarium

Next blog will be later this week about my actual physical ache I have for Fall to bring its stubborn ass on to my life.



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