Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

I’ve been at my job a whopping 6 years now. Its a good place, as far as the amazing friends I have and my boss is great at doing ‘that little extra’. Like sending me flowers for my very own holiday. Admin work is so grueling and stressful sometimes, and I think people forget that if it wasn’t for the office staff, your company might have some issues-like paying your invoices, helping your customers, paying your employees and basically doing all the paperwork so to speak. I was reading on a board I frequent today that many admins get no appreciation whatsoever and that makes me sad. Admin work is hard, its usually underpaid (cause really what does an admin do that is soooo important?)
That alone drives me bonkers. People think that office work is less important than sales, or being the nurse or doctor, or whatever-I think people forget that these ‘paper-pushers’ are the ones who keep your business running smoothly.

I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to work for a boss who very much appreciates what we do around here. I got beautiful flowers and a delicious lunch as well as some very pretty flowers from the president of our division. Its a wonderful change to be recognized for the work you do and have someone take notice.

Now, to be honest, I just love getting flowers, and I’ll take them any way I can, so having TWO gorgeous bouquets on my desk (and Lordy do they smell awesome) has made me giddy as a little girl. Add to that the fact I got an amazing gorgeous stunning red rose this past Sunday and I feel like a florally spoiled lady this week! (the rose is from someone who may get his own post someday 😉 )

So to all my fellow administrative professionals, I hope that your boss takes a moment to express his/her gratitude for the work you do and the crap you may put up with. I hope that its a wonderful day for you all.

Admin Day flowers – beautiful!

Stunning rose from a special guy


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