My first 1K!

So my company sponsors many 5Ks around our fair city here. Many. Cause you know that a beer after a run is hydrating right? Duh. So all these runs and 6 years of working out the details on them and I’ve never actually ran. I’ve considered it. I’ve said ‘heck yeah I’ll do that!’. I’ve asked the manager over the event if we have comps. But I’ve always at the last minute (last, really? who are you kidding) decided I couldn’t, or I hurt, or I had something else to do.

Well, my mother of all people decides she wants to do a 5K (she’s crazy right). So I say ‘hey, how about we do the R&S run? I get comps!’ and she says…..ok great! See you then.

Wait, what?

So I entered her, myself and princess in the 1K cause come on-like I’m REALLY going to run a 5K without a serial killer running after me or a horse with a donut tied to a string running in front of me. The day of the run is beautiful and perfect. We all gear up in our cute little t-shirts and head out. We line up at the starting line and start our walk at the gunshot. Princess is SO excited she is sort of galloping while holding her hand and my oh so helpful mother suggests I run. Ok why not-she’s four and her legs are like a half a foot long, how fast can she REALLY be?

Answer….fast. faster than me for sure. And she doesn’t want to stop. “Come on moMMAAA” she’s yelling back at me. Oh yes, back because she is a good 6 feet ahead of my fat ass. I finally catch up and make her slow down and she just keeps going like a little energizer bunny on crack. We round the U-turn and head back, passing my mom who waves and keeps walking on her little way. We RAN all but about 20 steps of that 1K. We cross the finish line and get a high five from the mascot there cheering us on and a pretty little blue ribbon. Princess yells ‘i’m a winner!’. I am hoping I don’t keel over from lack of oxygen. We wait for my mom to cross the finish line and huff and puff (I’m the only one huffing-mom was smart and walked and of course the crack-bunny is FINE and ready to run again) up to the party and the water and the shade.

So I’m actually proud of all of us for completing the 1K. I’m not hurting as much as expected although the arch of my foot is a bit painful. What did I realize-I really really do HATE to run. But I can do it when chasing a 4 year old. And when I know there is ice cream waiting for me afterwards.

We are planning to do another one next week. I’ve apparently lost my mind.

Sassy pants before

Goddess & Princess after crossing the finish line!


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