Beachy hair-DIY spray

So this past Saturday I was at the store looking at all the hair stuff and stumbled upon some products to give you ‘beach wave hair’. I thought ‘hm, that sounds pretty’. So since I desperately wish the crimped hair style would come back in to style I thought this might be a good alternative and heck, who doesn’t want to smell like the beautiful ocean? But as I’m looking at an 8 oz. bottle of sea water for $18.99 I thought ‘There has GOT to be a homemade version’. Well thank you Pinterest. I found this pin and made my own tweaks to it based on what I already had. So I threw my absolute favorite crock pot recipe Buffalo Chicken into the cooker and got to experimenting. So here is my simple 3 ingredient salt spray for beachy hair as the Princess calls it. I didn’t need to purchase anything as I already had all this at home.

10 oz hot water
2 tablespoons of Epsom Salt (I didn’t have sea salt and supposedly Epsom doesn’t dry your hair out as quickly)
1/2 teaspoon conditioner (I used this Organix Coconut Conditioner because I already had it and wanted the coconut smell)
1 spray bottle (just used one I already had picked up in the cosmetic section at Wal-Mart.)

You need HOT water to help dissolve the salt and the conditioner. I just used hot water out of the faucet and it was fine. You may want to boil it first but I had no need for it. Just pour it all in the spray bottle and shake! Let it cool then spray on wet hair. I tried it out on princess first as she takes a bath nightly. I sprayed, combed, then put her hair into 2 pigtail braids. Then in the morning just finger combed them all out. I did it on myself the following night and put mine in just 2 braids and it didn’t turn out quite as well. I did 4 braids in princess and it turned out amazing. Here she is after the very first try. 2 braids. And p.s. this was on Mothers Day!

As you can imagine, it will dry your hair out a little bit, so be prepared for a possibly rough brushing and be prepared to baby your hair with a good conditioning. 



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