Here comes competition season!

Well the Princess is now an All-Star Cheerleader. She is at a local gym and is on the Tiny Show team. Which means they aren’t technically be judged. Its that fun stage where they go out and perform and they all get a medal or trophy or something. So I don’t get the joy of that ‘We won National Champions’ excitement or all that, although I will still be cheering for our other teams to get that prestigious title.

We have had practices, camps, uniform fittings. All that fun stuff. Her team will be walking in the local high schools homecoming parade (yay!). She has also started a tumble class. Although at 4 years old it consists of 2 young coaches trying to corral 8 of our 4 year olds to not try to race off to jump in the pit or fly off the tumble trac! Although so far they have been able to work on jump and motion technique and they have been practicing cartwheels and back walk overs. She’s really enjoying the tumble part. She keeps asking to go back to gymnastics (which she was only in for one month-a whole 4 sessions) and dance. Which I’m actually searching for a dance class for her. Not sure if I’ll do it at her current gym or somewhere else, but she is missing dance like crazy. I’m about to be that crazy mom with dance, cheer, and tumbling. At least the cheer/tumbling is the same day.

I’m actually enjoying sitting up in the parents viewing room with 3 other nice (read:not crazy) cheer moms who’s precious daughters are on the same team and also in the tumble class together. Its nice to actually have someone to talk to and know when I go to the cheer comps that we may be able to be ‘super cheer moms’ all together. Cause yeah, I want to be THAT mom. The t-shirt, the sign, the cowbell, etc. Imagine that! I’m trying to figure out how to break it to my amazing boyfriend that he’s gonna have to suck it up and drop his man card in my teal and black (gym colors) purse and come cheer with us. I’m going to need to make sure I get some treats made for him before I drop THAT bomb, but hey, that’s what being a cheer “dad” (or moms-boyfriend-who-is-going-to-have-to-be-at-everything-cause-he-loves-us) does! Wonder if I can make him wear feathers? That may be too ‘Cheer-Perfection’ for our group. I have a feeling that even with our limited number of competitions we will be at (only 5 out of the 10) its going to get crazy. I’m really hoping that she will enjoy it and begin to love it.

And I hope I don’t become one of those moms you see on tv. Yikes.

My little Sparkler! Cheezin already!


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