Music in my soul

Ah music. What does music do for you? Does it cheer you up if you are feeling down? Does it make you laugh? Does it remind you of a moment from your past or inspire you for your future? For me music is all of that. But my favorite thing about music is the fact that just one song can take me back to a moment that feels so real that I can clearly remember what I was feeling at that moment. If I’m lucky, sometimes that emotion can come crashing back and cause me to laugh or cry. It can be an old country song that reminds me of my college days at the bar 2-steppin with my girls. It can be an alternative song that sparks memories of dancing in the rain at my first apartment or at The State Club laughing with the Theta Chi boys. It can be an 80’s song that reminds of the nights dancing at Blue Planet and trying to sneak drinks in the corner of the club (shhh don’t tell my mom!) or to my days in junior high roaming the town with my then BFF. It can be a hip hop song that takes me back to bartending with my friends wearing short skirts, high heels, lots of lip gloss and flirty laughs. It can be a Simon & Garfunkel song that reminds me of love and laughter and years of crazy adventures in my favorite house ever.

So many songs that I’ve danced to, sang along with, and cried over. Sometimes I have trouble with my words and expressing myself in a way that makes any sort of sense, so I wish I could just carry a stereo around with me and when a moment comes up I can choose a song from the playlist of my soul and play it so the other person knows what I’m trying to say. There are several songs that just speak to me. I could think of so many that would be on the playlist of my life. Mostly Staind songs to be totally honest. Everything Changes, Believe, Right Here, King of all Excuses. I always kind of wanted to date a songwriter. Someone who could just make up a song that speaks to me and sing it to me. And I did have an ex that used to sing to me and it was so great-it was one thing that really connected us was our love of music. Finding someone who believes in the power of music and doesn’t think the whole ‘this song touches my soul’ thing isn’t cheesy is great. And yes, I can be a bit cheesy like that.

I prefer to have music on as much as I possibly can. In the mornings it’s Pandora on my phone. In the car I always have my iPhone plugged in on one of my variety of station….currently I have the following playlists (don’t judge)

Country (old George Strait, Brooks & Dunn, Tim McGraw etc.)
Hip Hop (gotta have my bartender days reminder of booty music!)
Alternative Angry Rock (this is my hard rock I blast when I’m mad or frustrated-usually with a stupid boy)
Sing (yep a nerdy playlist of Britney, Carrie, Kelly Clarkson and others I can belt out)

What’s so funny though-the new iTunes upgrade has the iTunes radio on it now and I only play my Staind station I made. Lots of angry rock! Helps me get through my work day for sure. I love to sing too. I’m not very good at it though. I did sing for 3 years in choir and loved it-even sang a duet from the Little Mermaid in like 9th grade. But my skills are NOT very good now so I only sing for Princess. But I’d love to go on one of those shows like The Voice. I’d love to be a rock star up on stage hoping that someone heard my song and felt what I felt when I wrote it or was singing it. To know that those words spoke to someone and helped them through a bad day or was the soundtrack to a perfect night for them. There are some nights that only a song can help to calm me. I hope that those artist creating music never stop believing that their words mean something to someone. That whatever pain or joy inspired that song spoke to me or someone else. And the best thing is that I see that in Princess. I see her singing all the time now. Making up songs, singing along with me. To see her take something I have passion in and following in it may be the best part of being a parent.

And now I’m just stopping to say that there is this commercial that comes on for a new show Ravenswood (that I’m totally going to watch cause PLL hottie Caleb is in it!) and I always have to stop and sing The Civil Wars “The one that got away”. There’s one or 2 men in my life I really wish I had never seen their face. I need to get that song at work tomorrow.

So yes.  I fully believe that music can inspire you, maybe even change your life or at least your outlook on it. Work better. To push harder. To love stronger. It can console you and help you realize that someone else went through what you are going through, and that they came out for the better. To hear a song that just makes your body move. Maybe that’s why I enjoy dance so much. The ability to take a song and move to it can relax you or it can pump you up for a great night out. Some of my favorite nights began by blasting music and dancing around my bathroom while getting pretty for a night out. And so many nights ended by falling asleep listening to something soothing and that completely summed up my night out.

So what does music do for you? If you’ve never thought to let music soothe or inspire you then maybe try it. Or if you’ve never heard a song days or even years later and remembered a sweet memory then you are missing out. I love hearing a song and instantly letting it transport me to another time and another memory. Its almost always the highlight of my day-that instant memory of a time I laughed or a situation that made me stronger.

 Let more music in your life. Dance more. Live more.



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