Aaron Lewis – What Hurts The Most (Rascal Flatts) HD Live in Lake Tahoe …

WARNING EXPICIT LANGUAGE!! (Aaron cusses a bit at the beginning)

So I wrote a post the other day about music and how much it means to me. And this song is the exact example of what I meant. These words that he sings pretty much sums me up. But I also love this song because although it was made popular by another band (country even) he heard the songwriter sing it and it touched him and he needed to sing it himself. I love that about him.

And yes, this song really reflects my recent break up so its both therapeutic and difficult to listen to because these words resonate in my head so much. But it helps me to know someone else felt this. That someone else didn’t get a chance to say what was on their mind and in their heart, and that it makes them wonder what could have been if they had tried harder. But that’s just my thoughts at this particular time. Cause my thoughts literally can change by the minute about how I feel about something. I’m a ball of fun.  And of course hearing Aaron’s amazing voice speaking to me helps.

Now I MUST find this song to put in my iTunes. Its a must do.



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