The sign….

The hardest thing in life is realizing that the person that means everything to you, the one you would have moved mountains for and can’t stop thinking about has not only stopped thinking about you but has moved on. They not only gave up on you, but have so quickly found someone else. Seeing the one you love with someone else tears your heart apart. It makes you sick to your stomach and makes your eyes burn. It’s hard to accept that. 

But the reality is….if they moved on so quickly then was that love REAL? Was it as true as you thought it was? Clearly not. And the funny thing is, THAT realization should help you feel better. It’s a dirty little reality but it should help your mind and heart to begin to mend. To realize that “hey, I tried because I was in love. They walked away because they were not in love” it really should help you. You can stop thinking you did something wrong or you are to blame because seeing them move on quickly to someone else shows where their heart really was-not with you. A sign you shouldn’t waste your time or energy on trying to figure out what went wrong, what you did and can you fix it for another try. It’s time to walk away. 
It’s normal to feel betrayed, bitter and broken, but you have to remember that hearts heal. They may be fragile and sensitive but they do heal. There may always be a piece that belongs to that other person but you can fill that space with more love and faith for another person. One that hopefully will come along and fill that hole with a peice of their own once broken and fragile heart. And remember when you get that peice to cherish it. Love it’s flaws from the beginning and if you can’t then back away then. Be strong enough to hold your heart for someone who truly deserves it, but also remember you are strong enough to heal it when/if that person breaks it. 
It’s ok to be disappointed, but don’t let it hold you back from being happy. Appreciate the things you learned from that relationship, accept the sign it’s over and focus on yourself and finding something that makes you happy. Cause once you mend up that heart and fill it with some happiness then a real love may just find it’s way to you. The old me would lash out, be hateful and angry and perhaps a bit childish (there’s that Irish peeking out) but now I know that I can’t let hard times bring me down. I’ve surrounded myself with people who care and have let happiness in my heart and home and things like a break up, while painful and hurt, won’t destroy me anymore. What’s meant to be will always find a way and that right person will be there when the time is right. For both of you. 


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