I’m so ridiculous….

That I think I should write a post about it. Why not right? My blog = my rules. I can be incredibly dorky if I wanna be! So lately the Princess and I have been very into cheer and dance. Well, I’m always into dance even though over the past 5 years of being a mommy that passion has been put on the back burner. But now that Princess is an active child doing cheer and dance I’ve become inspired again. I’ve also been more into singing. Why, I don’t know since I have a terrible voice. Although I did sing in choir all through 7th – 9th grade (even doing a solo or 2!) and always pictured myself as a singer. But really I’m terrible at it, even though I think I’m fabulous-so does Princess. She loves for me to sing so perhaps I’m not as horrendous as I think I am, but then again she is 4 and I feed her so she could just be keeping me happy. I’ve become addicted to the movie Pitch Perfect. Even my child knows it’s my favorite movie and what my favorite parts are (which really is pretty much ALL of it!) So we have watched this movie oh say….a dozen times in the last couple of weeks? And I think her favorite part is singing Bulletproof, which I’m totally going to get on video someday. And when I say “we” watch it what I mean is I’m curled up on the sofa watching (for the zillionth time) and she hears a song start and runs out to sing it with me then goes back into her room to play. She also dances. She had the moves down pretty quickly. She is going to be a singer or dancer someday herself. She could be a Bella. I want to be a Bella. And what’s so funny is the other day I had someone tweet me about a call for actors/models/performers in my city. Can I go? I know I’d be an excellent actor or performer. Model maybe not so much, but I can memorize lines, probably. But then I’d have to actually get up in front of people and let them judge me. Eh, I don’t know. I’m still thinking that one over.

The point of this is getting away from me. I have a huge crush on Skylar Astin. I mean, he’s adorable, how can you not? And I adore Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick. I want to be a Barden Bella. And I’d date Jesse, heck I’d even date that hot guy with the big hair that keeps showing his abs. Wait-that wasn’t actually the point of this post-social media is. So I started watching Ground Floor (go watch it. Seriously funny and Skylar, Briga and John are fabulous) and I now follow on Instagram and Twitter most of the cast of Ground Floor as well as Pitch Perfect. And over the last few days I’ve maybe a bit obsessively tweeted and IG’d but I’ve been responded to by a few celebs from the show and its made me ridiculously happy. I even had Justin Carrier, a cheer phenom respond to me a few times! I feel like a major celeb creeper cause I’m so happy about it, but then again it makes me love them all even more to see them actually interact with their fans. Even if it IS one of their media people doing it FOR them, its still pretty awesome I think. Do you think Kanye responds personally to his fans or even thinks to have a rep do it for him? Doubtful. Good grief I can’t stand him.

So that’s it. I’ve been super excited, damn near giddy, that celebs have paid me the tiniest bit of attention online over the last week or so. Totally social media obsessed. I’m easily impressed I suppose but its also been fun. I just wish my obsessive personality could obsess over things like a clean house or car or perhaps budgeting. But how is that fun?

So be ridiculous. Let things make you happy no matter how simple they are or how silly they may seem to other people. Why shouldn’t you find joy in something little?  I’m a celeb-aholic and I’m not ashamed of it. If someone doesn’t like they can unfollow or ignore me. I’m ok with that. 2014 is all about being real and being whatever I want to be.



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