Cheer season is over!

I can’t believe our first season of cheer is over. We had our last competition yesterday and boy was that insane. Cowboys stadium is nice inside but the most ridiculous policies. However they do put on a great competition and Princess enjoyed meeting the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and watching the big screen.

We competed (technically Show Team doesn’t compete, they perform and get a trophy) in 4 competitions this past year. Most early in the morning (1 VERY early) which has meant being UP early (5 am in an Oklahoma hotel room!)  doing ringlet curls, teasing hair, applying countless layers of red lipstick and trying to keep up with bows, warm ups, good luck charms etc. Packing for competitions takes some work, and making sure mommy has her blinged out mom shirt, necklace and shiny blue paw print has been fun! But its been absolutely worth it. The bonding time while getting her ready has been wonderful and fun.  And with the exception of the very first comp where she ended up on the wrong side of the mat (and she kept trying to tell her coach it was wrong, but wasn’t sure how to fix it) she has been right on with her routine and smile, never showing a bit of shyness or fear. She even got to be the flyer for the center stunt for one competition! I’m so proud of how good she has done at her competitions! I was worried she would be that one child who is too afraid or shy to even move, but she has rocked out her routine every single time perfectly!

December 2013 NCA Christmas Classic

This has been a very busy year for us, with her first year of competitive cheer along with throwing some gymnastics, cheer and now soccer in there. And while some days she is less enthusiastic or cooperative at practice overall she has enjoyed making her new friends, she loves her coaches and absolutely loves the excitement of the competitions. Being able to put on that sparkly special uniform and the makeup and curling her hair makes her feel like one of the ‘big girls’ that she looks up to.

April 2014 Final Comp

And I will admit, I love the experience I’ve had as well. I’ve made some new friends, and its so nice to be part of a ‘family’ environment, even though we are still the newbies. I’ve made some good friends that I’ve been able to spend some time with outside of cheer related activities, and watching these young dedicated athletes has been inspiring, I just hope that Princess can use these role models to become a passionate and dedicated young lady too. To see the determination in their eyes and their love for their gym and each other is the kind of environment I want Princess to grow up in. To understand that if you want something you have to practice and commit to it-not just cheer but that is something I want her to learn and develop for any activity she pursues-art, music, sports, etc. I’m not pushing her into any one activity, I want to make sure she is able to try out anything she has a passion for and find what she loves the most. Right now her main love is still dance I think, so I can’t wait til she can get back into it (soccer is taking our dance class time). We are going to stick to cheer for at least 1 more year (I have the uniform, need to get the use out of it!) because she truly loves being at the gym and I love all the friends we have made there, and once soccer is over we can go back to dance there as well. I just want her to be able to enjoy everything she possibly can to see what inspires her. You won’t know where your talent lies until you test yourself, and I hope she continues to thrive in everything she tries out. Which by the way is so hard as a single mom-time consuming and stressful trying to juggle her schedule with a full time working one. But I am determined to make it work!

Its sad to see our first year end and know that many of her teammates will possibly be moving up/off the team but we know what to expect even more now for next year and can’t wait for the new season to begin!

Guns Up!

Heading to our first competition of the season!


Heading to our last competition of the season



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