The new house…

I can’t believe it’s finally happened. Sweet Princess and I (and kitty) have a house!!! We have a huge yard, a big beautiful back deck, and a lovely front porch with a porch swing. Wood floors, tons of windows and that ‘old house’ smell. Its just amazing, and suits us just right from every room. The calming teal room is ideal for the Princess and the soft gray of my room is soothing and peaceful. Laying in my bed looking out one of the many windows into my backyard is going to be a huge help for falling asleep. Curling up on my sofa with my front door open as the cool breeze comes through the screen door has already become a favorite past time, and how I spent many hours my first day home. The floors creak softly and the chirping of the birds is carried on the breeze coming through one of several windows. The house is surrounded by trees and shade with enough sunlight to put a container of tea out to brew. I can’t wait to fill the yard with the sounds of 4 and 5 year olds squealing and playing happily. Even better is the fact 2 friends live within walking distance!

The front porch swing has become the designated spot for Princess to grab a book or her tablet and relax and swing. She can’t wait to find lizards and snails hidden among the many trees, bushes and flowers alongside the house. And her favorite thing right now is checking the mail! Although this morning she was truly mesmerized by the birds and squirrels playing in the yard, and even said she’s never seen the birds so close. I have a feeling our yard will be put to very good use! I’m already imagining sitting on the back deck with my friends with a glass of wine as the sunsets watching little girls chasing bugs through the yard. And summer days with popsicles, watermelon, and suntanned kids playing with water balloons and in the sprinklers. (I’m very focused on this summer fun as you can tell!)

First time checking the mail!

Its a simple, small, charming old home that holds many memories of the laughter that came before us. I’m looking forward to filling it with more laughter and friends. I can’t wait to have a ‘housewarming’ party and have all our friends come join us for a cold drink and great times. My wish was always to have a house that was open to friends coming by to visit just because. And we finally have it.

Its a little strange to get used to the quiet and no neighbors stomping above us (and the darkness! Holy cow its dark in there at night!!), but I’m sure as soon as its all put together (its close thanks to my mom and grandmother!) and cozy it will be comfortable fast! I can’t believe how quickly my life is falling into a very happy and content rhythm. So many things are falling perfectly into place. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I am now with the town, our home, my beautiful little girl who is growing so fast and the amazing and supportive friends I’m surrounded by. I could not be any happier with my life.

Home Sweet Home


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