New blog!

I’m very excited to move over to word press! And while my blog will still be about single parenting, I’m finally embracing my ‘country side’ and trying to move towards a happy, positive, and sunshine filled life, because things are really wonderful and there’s no reason not to live a beautiful life! I’m truly the happiest I have been in years. I don’t sweat the small things anymore, I’ve let go of the negative people in my life and surrounded myself and Pooh with some interesting, caring, and wonderful people. My whole life has been upside down for 6 years but I’ve finally found my way up and have made a good life for myself and my daughter. Its about damn time!

Now that I’m living “out in the sticks” (my town is big enough to have a Wal Mart but small enough we only have 1 grocery store besides Wal-Mart and very little of anything else!) I’m reminded of some memories from when my family used to head to the country or to the lake for the peace and quiet. Us kids would traipse around in the fields looking for snakes (well, not me, the boys did!),  riding 4-wheelers, two-stepping, sitting around the fire, riding horses (until I fell off one) hanging out on the lake and fish. Yeah, I fished… I’ve always been a bit country, but lately I’ve been in my boots whenever I can, I’ve been obsessed with the Prime Country station (George Strait, Faith Hill, Reba, Alabama-all the good ol country singers!) and I’m itching to go 2-steppin. I’ve worn my boots off and on since I was a young girl and now I’d live in them if I could-I forgot how comfy they can be! I’ve started redecorating my adorable little house leaning towards a country rustic feel and it just feels like home. It feels right. I feel like I struggled so long. And I’m finally done. Happy.

Some of the best times I’ve had lately have been over the last couple of years here in this quaint little town I live in. Nights spent sitting outside listening to someone playing the guitar & sing, or laughing around a fire. Driving by horses and cows and seeing Pooh get so excited when she sees them (she needs to go riding sometime soon!) I have to admit I don’t miss living in the ‘big city’ at all like I thought I might. I don’t miss having a mall just up the street or the millions of restaurants to choose from. I like my quiet town where you hear the birds, the train passing through, or the loud rumble of the boys in their big Ford & Chevy trucks driving by. Oh those country boys and their big trucks. Its been awhile since I dated a guy who drove a truck. There’s just something about them that makes a guy more manly-well, depends on the guy, I do have an ex who drove a truck who really wasn’t all that manly unfortunately. My first boyfriend drove a truck, back in high school. A blue pick up with a brown bench style seat. We would go back-roading with his sister and her boyfriend out in the country and it was always so much fun. Just driving around the quiet til you found the right spot to stop and look at the stars. My bucket list includes something I saw on Pinterest once, filling the back of a truck with pillows and blankets and watching the stars. Sounds like a pretty great night to me. I’m pretty sure my second boyfriend drove a truck too, all the guys I dated in high school did-guess I had the cowboy type even back then! So now I just need to find a sweet cowboy with a truck who drinks Bud Light, can 2-step with me, and has those good southern values and manners, cause those southern boys usually treat a girl just right.

So as you can see, I’m trying to embrace that laid back country style of living. Nothing but sunshine, good friends, lots of laughter and maybe some dirt kicked around. Now that’s sounds like a good time y’all….

Country girls just kickin it!

Country girls just kickin it!



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