Building a ‘Home”

No, I’m not building a house. I wish I could, but I’m not. What I am doing is building a home for me and my child. In her 5 short years on this planet we’ve never really felt like we belonged somewhere, which is part of why we moved so much. Never felt like any of the places we lived were a place we could feel comfortable and at home. Until now. Now we have a town we love. Now we are surrounded by friends, new and old. Now we have activities and adventures. Now….now we are ‘home’.

Building a life that’s full of laughter, fun, adventure and safety (i.e. financial security) is so hard. Its hard to put that all together, especially as one person trying to build a family. You hear family and you think it should be a mom + dad + kid + kid + etc. Well, for me its not. Its just mom + kid. And we are ok with that. But its so hard to build a life that’s secure, full and content when its just you trying to build it all alone. I want Pooh to have a full life filled with friendship and adventure. And she’s finally getting it. We are literally surrounded on all sides by friends for the first time in her short little life and for the first time in a long time for me. In fact in our very leisurely 40 min 1.7 mile walk (which was a big circle) we walked past 2 (possibly 3I think another new friend lives somewhere over there) friends homes, which happen to be 2 of Pooh’s friends (her age), not just MY friends. That is how close our little group lives to us.

I want her to be able to build friendships that will last a lifetime. I want her to have the opportunity to enjoy her summers and do fun things. My job makes it hard to take her to do that stuff, but luckily we have some pretty great people who are willing to take her to do those things FOR me. And I know she is with people who care about her and that she adores. And that makes me so happy. If I’d stayed in my last town I’m not sure she would have as many friends as she does now or been able to do things like she has or we have planned (water parks, pool, soccer, cheer etc.) I feel like I’m really building this happy life for us now, after years of stress over what to do/where to be/WHO to be.

A big part of that happiness is the lovely home we now live in. Even though we are renting it, it still feels like its ours. I’ve spent the past two weekends trying to get things put away, got some new things for the walls and been working on hanging it all up.

My project for right now is to get the house all ready for (hopefully) a 4th of July party at the house. I still have some work to do this weekend but its coming along pretty well so far! I had been trying to decide on what sort of style to go with and after some thought the country rustic style seems perfect. I found a beautiful painting for the dining room to begin to build around (mason jar full of flowers in blues, yellows, pinks) and have started putting together a pretty good feel for this house. I bought 3 great pictures at Hobby Lobby last week (I’m obsessed with that store, I love it SO much!) and the furniture I already have will be able to be converted to match pretty easily.

So my next few posts will be on this project, Building a Home. I’m very excited to keep going, I’m hoping the house will be done by the end of July! So keep posted for lots of photos!!



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