Independence Day

So I’m preparing for my first gathering in my new house, and my first gathering at any place I’ve lived in the last 10 years. Its never fun to have a party at an apartment, unless you live in a college town and you are in fact IN college. And surrounded by other college kids. So its been quite some time since I’ve planned a party at my own place. And I’m so very excited to host fireworks watching at my house tomorrow!

I’ve been working on the house trying to get it ready for guests. I’ll be finishing up some cleaning tonight but I’m really happy with the way the house is coming together. I’ve got a few pieces that I had considered selling but have decided to paint, I’ve got pictures hung up (but I keep rearranging them!!) and I changed up some of the designs. I’m really enjoying making this house “mine” and its really beginning to feel like home. I want it to be a place my friends are welcome to stop by anytime and me not be stressed out that its a mess. It should be a relaxing, happy atmosphere. Pooh spent 2 hours in her room playing last night, and just listening to her laugh and giggle was such a wonderful feeling.

Tomorrow we are all gathering at my house so the kids can play in the sprinkler and water table and the huge back yard, the adults can sip wine and beer and gather on the deck, then at 9 pm we can gather in the front yard or the corner of the street and get ready to watch the lovely fireworks show that our sweet little town puts on. It will be second fireworks show in my town. Its only been a year (almost exactly!!) that I’ve lived there, yet it seems like forever. This town is more “home” to me than any other city I’ve ever lived in (besides my hometown of course!). I have met some really great new friends that I’m enjoying spending some time with. I even had a phone conversation with one of them last night, and if you know me, you know I do NOT like to talk on the phone, but it was such a nice change to actually hear someone’s voice instead of staring at a screen. So prepping this house and getting ready for a party has been one of the most exciting things for me the last few weeks.

So expect some photos and maybe even a post about my first party at home. The party planner in me is coming up with all sorts of ideas, but my bank account is reeling that in! Regardless it will be a night of fun and laughter!



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