Love new (free!) make up!!

So I admit I have an obsession with makeup. I love it. Particularly lip color, which has been proven by the numerous tubes you can find in my purse (right now its ONLY 4, the highest was 13!). So when I heard about this amazing website that sends you samples of higher end makeup, hair products and skin care I figured for $10 why not try it out! So this amazing site, Ipsy, will send you a Glam Bag every month for $10. Inside will be 5 sample sizes of products from different beauty industry leaders. bareMinerals, Pixi, Benefit, Sexy Hair and more. This month I got my very first glam bag!


Ipsy July Glam Bag Sunkissed Summer

(see the cute little Sammy paw in the corner? My little Calico was checking it out too!)

Inside the bright pink bag, which is cute but doesn’t seem very well made although its a perfect size to throw in my purse, is:
Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray
Hang Ten Tanning Oil
Pop beauty Bronzer
Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm
bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced cream eyeshadow

So this morning I decided to try out some of my new goodies! I’ve never used bronzer before. Ever. Never wanted to spend money on a good one and then have to figure out how to use it. But since this was a goody I found some of my Pinterest pins regarding contouring (particularly this awesome video tutorial by Jaclyn Hill, pro makeup artist-she is gorgeous and very informative!) and went to it! I think I got the hang of it pretty quickly and didn’t see the crazy brown ‘cheekbones’ I’ve seen on some people who use bronzer like its a paint by numbers! I do wish I had a powder blush though, that would have blended much better but I added my cream stick blush and wasn’t thrilled with the results. On my eyes I used the bareMinerals shadow, which I was really hesitant about because I really don’t like cream shadows, they tend to crease or gloop in my opinion but this went on strong and smooth. The color is very neutral so I paired it with a sea green shadow from Bonnie Bell and the combo of colors really made my hazel eyes pop in my opinion! I finished off the look with the Pixi Pretty Pink balm which went on so smooth but very light in color at first, however the color deepened in the next few minutes and left me with a very pink pout!

For my hair, after my shower I let my hair dry a bit then sprayed on the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray which, as my daughter says, smells like a suntan. It has the delightful smell of the ocean, something I’m desperately craving these days! Maybe I’ll get a hint of smell as we drive through Florida next month on our trip to Disney!

Heading off to work with my sidekick! She's rocking some Pixi too!

Heading off to work with my sidekick! She’s rocking some Pixi too!

Its now been 2.5 hours since I’ve got ready. My hair still has a faint smell of the beach, my shadow has not creased and I still have cheekbones! I’ve gone through a cup of coffee and several drinks of Gatorade and still have a minty pink smile! I would give my first Ipsy bag 5 Stars! I’ll try out the Hang Ten Tanning Oil this weekend at the pool and report back on my sun soaked weekend!

2 hours later!

2 hours later!




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