Back to Camp Gladiator

So as I write this sweet little post, my thighs are on fire and my abs are screaming at me. The reason? The best dang workout you can possibly get!! I started back at Camp Gladiator last night. I started it for the first time about 3 years ago. Its an outdoor fitness program that has qualified and dedicated trainers taking you through a series of work outs. No 2 days are the same, and you are pushed as hard as you want to be. There is no yelling, no screaming to DO ANOTHER ONE, just a group of people in all stages of fitness SUPPORTING you with encouragement, high fives and laughter. Workouts are geared for ALL FITNESS LEVELS. That’s not just a phrase. The trainers check on any injuries you have to determine if you need modified work outs, and check on you constantly to make sure you are doing moves correctly, pushing yourself, and just to encourage you. And the bonus is, you go AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. Go everyday if you want. Go twice a day. Go to 5 different locations a week. With over 100 locations and various times from 5:30 am – 7 pm there is a camp near you at a time that works for you. You can go to any of them any time. ANY. So check out the site and look for a preview or a BYOB(uddy) week to go. And if you do, please use my name (oh yeah I’m trying to get some referral points here!)

When I started this program 3 years ago a spark came back to me. Thanks to CG I participated in one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve ever done-Gladiator Games (in the hot texas heat I might add). I ran under things, climbed over things, jumped over things and ended up with several well earned bruises and some major pride at completing all the obstacles. And because of the encouragement of CG I completed another hard physical challenge-8 hours of non-stop fitness dance training to become a licensed Zumba instructor. I began focusing on better eating and my passion for a healthy lifestyle was reignited. I met a HUGE family of Contenders and even though its been about 2 years since I’ve done CG (lack of a sitter, moved with no location to attend etc.) I still talk to my CG family and am encouraged daily by Facebook posts of my CG family.

This has truly been the best workout I’ve ever done. When I was going 3 -5x a week (yes, for 2 months I went 5x a week at 5:30 am everyday!) I lost about 3-4 inches from my waist and 2-4 from arms/legs. I felt great, I had energy, I looked good and was in a much better mood! So being able to start back up last night has been a huge relief. I’m so excited to get back into a fit lifestyle and give my body the conditioning it needs.

Last night was my first time in about 2 years to push myself that hard physically. And I won’t lie, once or twice I thought I may need to throw up. I push myself harder than anyone else ever will, and I forget to pace myself. But I had my little cheerleader at my side, encouraging me with “keep going momma!” and feeding me water. She even ran along side me. She was a great support system, plus I got tons of compliments on the ‘sweet cheerleader’ who was alongside me. I have to admit, I’m exhausted right now. My body aches. But I feel a sense of accomplishment! And I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow!

Now excuse me while I cry over my aching legs….


Post CG Selfie with my inspiration!



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