Another new beginning

So tomorrow starts Pooh’s first day of kindergarten. I’m still not sure I’m ready for it. On one hand I’m very excited about this new chapter that shes starting, but on the other hand it means my baby is officially growing up.

We had meet the teacher the other night and it went really well. She has a wonderful teacher and she is so excited, even though I can see a little nervousness in her. She’s been in a school environment since she was a baby, so she is used to the structure of school, so I’m not worried about that. And she loves to learn new things and she is so smart , I know she will do well in school. I’m trying to embrace all the positives of school instead of worrying about the negatives-making friends, being bullied, getting lost-all those those terrible things mothers worry about.

When I was younger I wanted to teach. I worked with younger kids and in elementary schools as a high school senior, and in college as a pre-k teacher. I always wanted to work in a school. I love school supplies, decorating classrooms and all that.  I’m that cheesy person who loves school spirit, team colors, mascots, school pride etc, I’m not sure why really, but I always wanted everything in my school colors (those ribbons and pins sold by student council) I loved Football Fridays, pep rally’s, homecoming, school parties, and everything along those lines. Part of why I wanted to live in a small town was because of the whole town support of their high school. The hometown team here is the Panthers and I love that there is Panther Pride all over town. We have paw prints painted on the road and every Friday you see custom panther accessories every where. It’s what I always wanted as lame and weird as that sounds. But it’s giving kids something g to believe in, to support, to bond over. Seeing your school be successful.

With Pooh starting school it means we are officially becoming part of the Panther family. Her school colors are the same as the high school and even have paw prints everywhere.  Just walking down the hallway of the school makes me smile. At meet the teacher I joined the PTV and I’m looking forward to being an active part in her school life. I won’t get to participate as much as I want sadly, being 40 mins away from her school makes it hard, but I would give anything to be able to be a room mom, active in the PTV and community, to just be involved in that life. And it makes me sad I can’t be involved as much as I wished for, but I will do as much as I possibly can.

So not only is a new chapter for Pooh starting but a new one for this momma and I’m so excited to see what new adventures are ahead for us. I’ve already met such great new people with the other opportunities that we’ve had so far (soccer, cheer, dance) and there are other opportunities on the horizon I’m hoping work out that will just  add to our future. I’m putting positive thoughts out there to hopefully bring more positive opportunities to us. If it’s meant to be it will find a way! So here’s to the start of something new and all the incredible opportunities that I know are just around the corner!


Ready for Meet The Teacher Night!

Ready for Meet The Teacher Night!




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