I have a kindergartner??

Its crazy I say! But yes, my sweet little Pooh is officially a school-age kid. No longer a baby, no longer with the freedom from studying and homework and playing all day. She has officially entered the lovely halls of elementary school, and I am both sad and excited. I’m a daydreamer and thoughts of her school years, her activities, the friends she will make dance through my head at random moments-most make me excited but some terrify me. I got lucky to have a child who actually loves to learn, so I think she will be a great scholarly child. And my hope is she picks up reading quickly and easily and becomes a book nerd like I was! Her first day was not filled with anxiety and tears (and believe me, I saw a LOT of tears from kids-and moms!-yesterday and today, me included) but with joy and excitement. She could not wait to start her first day and begged me to leave for school early both yesterday and today.

A recap of yesterday.
She woke up excited as could be! We ordered several new outfits for school, as her days of t-shirts and athletic shorts all day is over! Time to look like a sweet young lady! Her first day dress is an adorable pink/grey ruffled lace number thanks to Sparkle In Pink! We started off our walk to school for the morning assembly and while my mind had pictures of crazy kids running around the cafeteria, what I actually walked into was a calm gym of kids sitting with their classmates and their teachers-how long will THAT last I wonder. We did the pledge, had some welcome to school kind words and headed to the classroom. Pooh sat in line in the gym with her class with an occasional glance and wave to me standing over against the rock climbing wall (seriously?!?!). When her class went off to their room I found her sitting at her own desk playing with play-doh as excited as could be! When I picked her up that afternoon she chattered non-stop about the friends she made, her lunch time, the game they played during music class and how she couldn’t wait to go to art to paint the following day. The line for pick up was INSANE so I’m so glad I had decided to walk up. I couldn’t even get to my house to park, so I parked at my friends and walked over. We decided to stop and spend a few minutes with her friend Tee so I could share my mommy-paranoia with one of my best friends. It was a great way to end the first day.

Enjoying her new spot

First Day of School! Ready to go! Love this dress from Sparkle In Pink!

This morning she woke bright eyed and excited for another new day. Again  begging to get started on our lovely walk to school. She picked out her clothes, brushed her hair and gathered up all her stuff. We headed off for the assembly. Once we arrived she finally had a little apprehension and wouldn’t let go of me, but I think it was because her teacher was not in the gym. Once she arrived though, her fear was gone and she was ready for the new day. Watching her put her backback and lunch bag up in her locker really shows me how grown she is.

I still can’t believe we are really already on this journey through school. It amazes me how quickly these past 5 years have gone by when it really seems like it went so slowly. Its been a very rough 5 years, losing friends, losing loved ones, constant moving, stress, unhappiness- but we are finally in a great place in our life. We have a beautiful home, we are surrounded by some pretty amazing, helpful, and inspiring friends, and I have several new ideas and possible opportunities on the horizon. Doing this as a single mom is still incredibly  hard, I want to be involved-room mom, volunteer, PTV, and all that stuff. But time is so limited and at times I feel like I fail miserably, but I can do it. If its important you find a way, and I will find one. Its been a hard road but I’m here and we are ready to conquer the world! And I’ve made sure to surround myself with people who will only inspire us and push us to be better, who offer support and encouragement as I face new challenges and fears. I’ve always played it safe and tried to only do what everyone ELSE expected. But now I’m doing what I want for me and for Pooh-regardless of what others think about me or my choices. And you know what, I’m so much happier with myself because of it.

2014-08-26 07.15.19

2nd Day of School! Ready to have a great day!

2014-08-26 07.20.49

Love her little pink Converse with her pearl-look necklace. Sweet & Sporty!

2014-08-26 07.15.30

My beautiful Pooh-Pie!



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