Life got busy, but better.

So Pooh started Kindergarten 3 weeks ago. And boy…has that brought on the busy time! Fall is coming which is my FAVORITE SEASON and perhaps because of that I feel busier due to all the things going on in the fall that I want to go to. I love a crisp cool sunny morning at the State Fair or a Fall Festival, or going to a friends house to watch a football game. I love getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving, filling the house with the smells of pumpkin and apple spice. But this year, Fall is also bringing school events, homework, and soccer. And we still have cheer. And mommy is doing Camp Gladiator. I was talking to a friend last night about wanting a dog but we can’t because we do not get home until 7:45 every single night. And the weekends have been filled with pool parties, prepping for the week ahead, and visiting with friends. And now, our nights are filled with cheer practice, soccer practice, parent meetings, PTV meetings (yep, I joined! I love being active in her school life), Camp Gladiator workouts, and homework! Oh yes, Kinder gets homework. So far its been easy fun stuff, we will see how the next few weeks go!

Now that Fall is quickly approaching we are working on getting into the swing of school. Her kinder class has been great so far, although she is having some issues with talking when she shouldn’t be (like rest time). I find that so funny because when I was in school I was the shy quiet type who never talked, and my daughter is the exact opposite apparently. Other than that, all her papers come home with smiley faces and positive marks and she is always so happy at the end of the day when I pick her up from the nanny. Chattering about what they did at school and what they have coming up. Though some days I get a very dramatic “Oh mommy, I can’t talk about it, it was soooo much”. I swear sometimes I think she is 16 not 5! My little Diva! But, I’m so happy that she is able to be in such a positive and loving environment 24/7. Everyone we are surrounded by, from school, cheer, soccer, friends have all been supportive, helpful and fun. We have truly been put where we belong, I could not have picked a better place for us to both grow up.

And yes, I said both. I’m still growing up too.

My priorities have changed and what I want for my life and for Pooh’s is completely different than what it was a year ago, or even 6 months ago. Its amazing what making a big change, like moving 30-40 miles away from what you always considered your ‘home’ and focusing on yourself can do for you. It was a risk moving so far from my familiar environment but it has proven over and over again to have been the best decision I could have made for us. Pooh loves having so many friends close by, and I love that I have so many of my own friends around that a single weekend can’t pass by without knowing I have at least 3 people I could call to do things. I can’t even remember the last time we spent both Saturday AND Sunday at home without seeing a single one of our friends. I love knowing that at 4 pm on a Fri or Sat I can text my ‘wine bestie’ and know that we can crash her house, and Pooh can play with one of her best friends while I enjoy wine, insane laughter, random conversation and great friendship on the porch. I love having a friend I know I can call up to go have dinner with or go workout. I love knowing that we are walking distance to more than one of our friends houses. This fall we are preparing for homecoming (tomorrow!) which my little town goes all out for, the State Fair, we are hitting Screams for my birthday this year (yay!!) because I haven’t been to a haunted house in about 6 years. We already have great plans for trick or treating and other Halloween activities. We have some school fall functions coming up that I get to help plan as well, which I’m SO excited about!! We even picked out some pumpkins and scarecrows for the front yard (Oh how I love having a front yard!!)

I know that I rave on my little town and how happy I am with it a bit much, but if you’ve ever been so miserable you could barely find the strength to make it through the day, or so alone and left out that you can’t even be happy, well then I envy you. My child has never gone without food or a roof over her head but there are some days I struggled.  I’ve struggled with deciding what the best options are for her, and for me. If you’ve never had the weight of your childs life and well being solely on your own head then you don’t know what fear, sadness and anxiety really is. Being married or at least with a dad who is there is not the same. Its a different kind of stress and it sucks. And if you’re like me and you overthink or worry over every choice well then you know the toll it takes on you emotionally. Being out of that place, finally deciding that the choices I make I’m making to the best of my ability and finally letting go of fear and over-thinking has made me a new person. Its still not easy, its hard missing out on things with her because work is so far away and so stressful, but each day is a step to a better future. Each day I make a choice to put our happiness ahead of it all, and we enjoy each day so much more now. I no longer worry what everyone else will think of my choices, but only of what those choices bring my life. I’m actually smiling and laughing again. I feel great and happy and content and at peace.

And busy….I forgot, this was about being busy…..yikes, I have to get busy, we’ve got homecoming to prep for! Go Panthers!


Heading to the Farmers Market on our first cold fall day

Heading to the Farmers Market on our first cold fall day

First week of Kindergarten!

First week of Kindergarten!

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