Its Homecoming!

So today is homecoming for our little town. They go ALL OUT here. Seriously. ALL schools out early, which apparently isn’t normal for big towns (12:30 for elementary!) We have a big parade that basically the whole town goes to, and then of course the big game. Even the elementary schools wear the high school colors and cheer for the Panthers. So Pooh is wearing her Kindergarten shirt (cause that’s what they want them to wear on Spirit Day) but she’s rocking her cheer bow and her pink chucks and she’s got her quarters to shop at the Spirit Shop at lunchtime. Last time she came home with a paw stamp and was COVERED in them! Hopefully today is pom poms and a spirit tattoo!. A friend posted on facebook about all the mums she’s seeing-she teaches at the high school, and not only is it a big deal at the HS level, but I saw about 3 mums at ELEMENTARY school this morning! Pooh has a beautiful one that my amazingly generous friend made for her own daughter and for Pooh, so she will be ready to go this afternoon! She is so excited to wear it! I didn’t think they would wear them at the elementary level, but I also didn’t want her teacher to HATE me for giving Pooh even more reason to talk when she shouldn’t be! It was super cute to walk to school today and see all the other little Kinders in their Peace Love Kindergarten shirts! I love it that they have their own class shirt!

Peace Love Kindergarten

Peace Love Kindergarten

I always wanted to live in a small town that celebrated football (I mean hello-this IS Texas!) and stood behind its team and that’s what I have. We have Panther Pride flags flying all through town, the typical schedule with team photo is posted in most of our local businesses and we even have paw prints painted on the road around the high school. Its a sense of community and that’s one of the things I love here. Seeing all the photos of kids in their Blue & Black with mums, spirit tattoos or other spirit items just makes you smile. How can you not be happy when high school football is going on? Its the quintessential Texas Fall Friday night. The bright lights, the crisp cool air, the sound of the band and the cheerleaders echoing through town, the excitement of announcing the Homecoming Queen & King, and the roar from the stands when a touchdown is made. It’s picture perfect and something that can pull your spirit up. We are so excited to enjoy this cool fall day with our friends. Go Panthers!!

Both decked out in our blue & paw prints! (they are on my headband and my necklace!)

Both decked out in our blue & paw prints! (they are on my headband and my necklace!)

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