Happy Fall!

So my favorite season is FINALLY here, and we’ve already participated in several quintessential fall activities-homecoming, music fests and decorating. Its been an amazing few weeks and I’ve had the best “birthday month” so far. Oh yes, today happens to be my birthday! Its even been perfect weather the past couple of days-sunny and just warm enough. Last weekend was spent outside at a big music festival, Index, enjoying that great weather, good drinks in VIP and some live music with 4 of the most amazing people I could ask for. Nothing puts you in a better mood than a long late night of laughter and craziness-no telling what happens when with that particular crew, especially when you decide to wander around the club district and stumble into a random club or 2.

This past Saturday was the picture perfect family day. We took some of the littles out to a pumpkin patch in a little town just outside of our own little town. There is truly nothing better than warm fall weather, bright sunshine, the squeal of happy little kids and walking around a pumpkin patch searching for that perfect pumpkin-or 2! Each kid got to pick a small pumpkin to decorate there and each family got a large pumpkin to take home.

Picked out a pumpkin to decorate!

Picked out a pumpkin to decorate!

We went to the patch with one of Pooh’s best friends and her mom, as well as my ex and his family. We had a wonderful time watching the kids bounce in the bounce houses, pet the goats (one thought it was a cat rubbing against my leg to be pet!) and the bunny, riding ponies and walking through the pumpkin patch to pick the perfect pumpkins for decorating! We all went through a maze, rode a hayride and some of us even made it into the bounce house to play….although L and I are a little disappointed we didn’t get a selfie with the llama who gives kisses.  The kids even got to listen to a Halloween story while enjoying cookies & juice! It was one of those so simple but oh so perfect fall days. We took our pumpkins home and spent Sunday decorating our big one. I think our spooky kitty cat turned out pretty great-Pooh did it all herself! We also did some yard decorating for Halloween. Its not much, but its cute! We will go more all out for Christmas. Pooh has already asked for a reindeer.

2014-10-05 14.29.28

All our fall fun decorations!

2014-10-05 14.19.25

Decorating our pumpkin patch pumpkin!

2014-10-05 14.29.37

Spooky kitty!


The last couple of weeks have been amazing. I’m really looking forward to this weekend though-we are heading out to an awesome haunted house to celebrate my birthday! It will be the first time since my 30th birthday to celebrate with adults only, and we will be doing something I haven’t done in about 7 years-going to a haunted house! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I love dressing up, scary movies, haunted houses and ghost stories. I’ve always been a fan of being scared! I haven’t been to a haunted house in forever (8 years maybe?) and the one we are going to has several different scary attractions, including a Carn-Evil clown maze (that I’m still not sure I’m going to go in!). We’ve got a pretty good size group of us are going-both friends and possibly some cousins I haven’t seen in way too long, so I’m very excited to celebrate my birthday surrounded by so many of my favorite people. And October has just started and is still full of fun things-Pooh will be doing something VERY exciting and will be dancing with the high school drill team at a football game along side one of her best friends. We also have fall fest coming up, the State Fair, and will be celebrating a couple of Pooh’s friends birthdays this month! October may very well be the BEST month of 2014, and I’m so excited to see what else will be happening. My October calendar is FULL of things for both of us to do, full of friends and family, and full of excitement. I can’t wait to enjoy every moment!

Happy girls on mommys birthday!

Happy girls on mommys birthday!





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