Ah the State Fair…

There is really just nothing like it. Starting with a gorgeous sunny warm day. The delicious smell of corn dogs and fried foods tempting you from every side, the loud bells and whistles of the rides, the people watching and did I mention the food and how yummy it all is? The only thing to make it better is who you spend the day with and I got lucky enough to spend it with my best friend of 20-something years and our sweet kids.  I have 2 gorgeous nieces and an awesome nephew who I just love to death. They are my babies and are the best kids you could hope for. They love Pooh so much and took such good care of her at the fair, playing, eating and of course taking tons of selfies. My older niece graduated this past May and has headed off to college, so we miss her like crazy. She was home for the weekend and was able to spend some time with us at the fair before heading back off to school. And I have a phone full of photos of all 4 crazy kids (except the nephew-he tried to stay OUT of the craziness). We walked around and mostly looked for the food. Mmmm fried food.  Corn dogs and funnel cakes were the hit of the day, and nothing really tops off your day like a powdered sugar fight with your niece!


We had an amazing day, and I’m so glad I can share it with them. Those are the kinds of memories I want Pooh to have-being surrounded by people who love her and I love that I have the pictures to remind us of it.


Our beautiful girls!

2014-10-19 13.10.37

Sweet babies




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