The New Cheer Season

Cheer tryouts were 3 weeks ago. Pooh has been working so hard the last 6 months. She has been in private lessons, she has been in tumbling, and was the oldest member on her Sparklers team last season.

Quick explanation-Show teams aren’t actually competitive. Usually the judeges take a break when the show teams come on. Starting at Prep level is when they become competitive, earning scores and trying to win the trophies, banners, medals, tshirts or jackets-whatever the competition is giving away.

I was so nervous for her tryouts, I dont know why because I knew most likely she would move up 1 level to the mini show team, though I really was hoping she would somehow make the Mini Prep team. She really wanted that chance to win the big trophies, the jackets, the medals, the banners etc. She wanted to be on a big girl team so bad. She had been working on her backwalkover and cartwheel, she had been practicing tight body movements and working on her triple jumps. Tryouts came and we were able to watch her age group. I can’t remember the last time I was that nervous. But watching her smile, focus and work as hard as possible amazed me. She put everything into her tryout and I have never been so proud. it was a very nerve wracking 2 days waiting for results to be posted.

That monday I had the LCA facebook page on my phone refreshing every 2 minutes and the website on my computer refreshing every 2 minutes just waiting for the list to come up. When it finally posted I literally held my breath as I scrolled past the tiny show team (where she had been 2 seasons) looking for her name on mini show and didnt see it. My heart stopped, the next team listed was Tiny 1 prep, a new team for the gym that they have never had and there it was. her name. I cried. She made a competitive team. Now it may seem silly that I was so excited about it, but for those who know how she was her first year and how she started off her second year you would understand why I was so excited, she worked so hard before tryouts. And since she made that team she has worked just as hard at practice. She has been a flyer and has been working on her tumbling. She has a great cartwheel now and almost has her back walkover on her own. She’s getting ready to move on to working on a back handspring. She’s also asked to have flyer privates with one of the male coaches at the gym to work on flying, since he mentioned maybe she could fly on a bigger team at some point-she was THRILLED to hear that. She even has a soup can at home that she is actually practicing flying on as I type this. (trick the coach mentioned since we dont have a stunt stand)

This team is a competitive team. They will be working towards the trophies, jackets, banners, etc. They will have to work hard but I have faith in our coaches to work them hard and they will be successful. They practice 2x a week plus are required to be in tumbling and Pooh is also in a flyer class. So we are at the cheer gym 3 nights a week for a minimum of an hour a day. And personally, I love it. I love watching the teams working and seeing the hard work, sweat, and tears that these athletes put in, not just on Tiny but the other teams as well. Our coaches are so inspiring and its great to watch them working. I love all the friends I’ve made at the gym, and being one of the ‘seasoned’ moms is really fun. The gym really grew this new season with the merger of the other gym in town and we have so many new families joining us. I know this season is going to be incredible and I’m so excited to watch my little flyer compete this winter.

The only downfall of the team she made is that the amount of time we are spending at the gym means I don’t have time to teach at the studio. It has really been a hard decision to make, but I know that I can’t do both and focusing on Pooh’s development is more important than doing my dream job. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to go back to it eventually, maybe even get more into cheer since thats what Pooh is developing a passion for. I love researching stuff so I’ve done some research back when she first started in 2013 on competitive cheer and the levels, how comps work, coaching etc. Maybe I should have tried to work at the gym instead with all the time we spend there! I swear she would be happy to be there every night if I would let her. She loves it there. And the more time she spends there the better she becomes.

cheer collage

Cheer career, Tiny Show to Tiny 1 Prep!

She is all cheer now, from her sparkly bow to her Varsity toe. She lives in her practice clothes and wears them under almost everything. She now counts 1,3,5,7. She walks through the house dancing and jumping. I could not be more proud of her. cheer pic pro1



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