What a year so far

Wow, I havent written at all since November! I haven’t had internet at home, and with starting the new job, the holidays, and the second job its just been crazy and I’ve been so busy. So here is a quick recap of my crazy life.

The new job is great. i really enjoy what I’m doing. I’m over all the new hires for the school district so there are some days that are very slow but the people I work with are wonderful. The relaxed atmosphere is so great, and being able to leave work, I mean really leave it, at 4:30 pm and not think about it again until 8 am is a crazy feeling. No constant emails, no stress, no phone calls. They pay cut has been a little stressful but I’m working on new ways to live and its going ok.

I also got a chance to do my dream job finally. I always wanted to own my own dance studio. I have always loved cheer and dance. Its why Pooh started dancing at age 2 and why she tried out for cheer at age 4. Being up at the cheer gym when she first made sparklers just reminded me of how much I missed that dream of mine. I was able to take dance last year and loved being back in the studio. I got lucky enough to actually start assistant teaching at that dance studio in February. I’ve loved being at the studio every night working with all ages, including the competitive teams. Which is what made me realize what I really wanted to do, I love working with the competition teams, probably because of the background with competitive cheer for both my niece and my daughter. Focusing on improving the dancers to get higher scores, better placements and perform better as well as doing private lessons with the soloists helping them polish. Going to the competitions and helping them practice, pep talk, be backstage-I’ve loved it. LOVED it. The time with the dancers has been priceless and so great. The recital is next weekend and I’m so excited. Pooh is dancing in her first recital in 4 years and I will get to help with the backstage stuff, AND will get to dance in the parents dance! Unfortunantly my teaching will end after the recital because of Pooh’s cheer life which will be the next post.

 So my life has been crazy busy the last few months. But now that I have internet I should be able to keep up with my blog. I’ve missed writing but trying to type a blog post on a phone is reeeeeally not as easy as you would think.




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